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Q: What services do you offer?
A: We offer postal addressing; presorting First-Class Mail for lower postage costs, ink jetting; laser printing; inserting; folding; automatic affixing of labels; sorting; bursting and trimming; wafer sealing; automatic affixing of stamps; special processing; shipping; receiving; indoor docks; capability to store more than 1,000 pallets; cutting custom continuous computer forms; discounted postage; personalized letters, forms, flyers, postcards, etc. and mailing lists.

Q: How do I request a quote?
A: To request a quote, please complete and submit the form via our Request A Quote page.

Q: What is Express Mail®?
A: Express Mail is a mail class that provides expedited delivery service for mailable matter subject to certain standards. It is available in five basic service offerings: Same Day Airport Service, Custom Designed Service, Next Day Service, Second Day Service and Military Service. Express Mail International® service is available in the United States and most foreign countries. Express Mail is a USPS trademark.

Q: What is First-Class Mail®?
A: First-Class Mail is a class of mail that includes all matter wholly or partly in writing or typewriting, all actual and personal correspondence, all bills and statements of account, and all matter sealed or otherwise closed against inspection. First-Class Mail comprises three subclasses: Postcards, Letters and Sealed Parcels and Priority Mail®. Any mailable matter may be sent as First-Class Mail. First-Class Mail is a USPS trademark.

Q: What is an indicia?
A: Indicia is a designation on mail that denote postage payment specifications. They are usually located in the upper right corner of our mail pieces.

Q: What is a permit imprint?
A: A permit imprint is an indicia used instead of a postage stamp or meter stamp, that reflects postage prepayment by an authorized mailer.

Q: What is Standard First-Class Mail®?
A: Standard First-Class Mail is mail that weighs less than 16 ounces. It comprises the subclasses of Regular, Nonprofit, Enhanced Carrier Route and Nonprofit Enhanced Carrier Route. These subclasses include circulars, printed matter, pamphlets, catalogs, newsletters, direct mail and merchandise. Standard First-Class Mail may be sent at presorted or automation rates. Standard First-Class Mail is a USPS trademark.

Q: What is Presorted First-Class Mail?
A: Presorted First-Class Mail is a form of mail preparation, required to bypass certain postal operations, in which the mailer groups pieces in a mailing by Zip Code or by carrier route or carrier walk sequence (or other USPS-recommended separation). Our customers receive postage discounts when their mail is presorted.

Q: What is a barcode?
A: A barcode is a series of vertical bars and spaces that represent any numerical series, most often a correct Zip Code for the delivery address on a mail piece. The barcode facilitates automated processing by barcode readers and scanners.

Q: What does CASS mean?
A: CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System?, which is a process designed with the mailing industry to improve the accuracy of postal codes and carrier route codes that appear on mail pieces sent at the discounted rates available for automation mail.

Q: Do you offer discounts on business mailers?
A: Yes, we can lower your cost on bulk mailing. The second ounce for First-Class Mail Presorted letters are free if the letters are processed through Postal Mail-Sort.

Q: Are you USPS compliant?
A: Yes. We manage your data and mailings with full USPS compliance.

Q: Do I need to mail my direct mail pieces as First-Class Mail?
A: No, you have the option to mail your direct mail pieces as First-Class Mail or Standard Mail.

Q: Can I buy mailing lists at Postal Mail-Sort? If yes, what types?
A: Yes. We provide comprehensive lists for both customers and businesses.

Q: Do you adjust my mailing lists for change of address (NCOA)?
A: Yes, we maintain and/or analyze your mailing lists by taking out duplicates if requested and adjusting for change of address and delivery point of verification. We will also manually sort rejected mail to qualify you for presorted rates.

Q: Will you pick up my First-Class Mail pieces at my office?
A: Yes, we will pick up your First-Class Mail.

Q: How can Postal Mail-Sort save me money on First-Class postage?
A: By presorting and bar coding your First-Class Mail, you are authorized by the USPS to use discounted postage. Mail pieces that are between 1 and 2oz. can realize a savings of up to .20Ę per piece.

Q: If my local post office will no longer process my direct mail pieces, will Postal Mail-Sort take them?
A: Yes, Postal Mail-Sort will process your direct mail pieces. Just bring your direct mail to us, and we will give you the lowest rates available through automation and bar coding. You donít need your own permit, and we will interface with your current postal services and provide a quick turnaround time.

Q: Does the Zip+4® have to be present on my mail pieces?
A: No. We have the capability to apply an 11-digit barcode whether the Zip+4 is present or not. This results in faster, more consistent delivery on your First-Class Mail with less cost to you.

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